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EL Cap , EL lighting cap, EL flashing cap

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Specification:EL Cap , EL lighting cap, EL flashing cap

1. With logo on front, can light up with sound or music

2. The panels can be any logo and shape

3. Welcome your customer design

4. Different styles and colours

5. Welcome for holiday, party, festival etc.

6. Using 2 pcs CR232 Battery, lower consumption.

7. Longer life time and Water proof .

8. Bright colors, if wear, you can arract people’ s eyes.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Oliver Ouyang [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Skype: fordexgroup
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Oliver Ouyang at Shenzhen
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Oliver Ouyang at Shenzhen
Address:RM1520 - 1526, HongFa Center Mansion, N5 Zone, BaoAn Center District, Shenzhen China 518101
Shenzhen 518101, Guangdong
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